The history of Poland has only two chapters.

The first one is from 966 to 1572, it is the monarchy: The Kingdom of Poland.

Time for building the country and its foundations; a period of its prosperity and dynamic development, military, economic and political power that led to building the largest country in Europe of that time with a total area of over 1 million km2.

The second one – from 1573 until today, it is the republic: The Republic of Poland.

A time of slow but continuous fall, a period of erosion of the country and its political authorities finished with shameful partitions of Poland (1795) and loss of independence for 123 years. A time of fighting for life and for biological and material survival, a time of extermination of the people.

Fidelity to the idea of the Kingdom of Poland is constant, strong and unswerving. It is fostered by whole generations of Poles – patriots: people from villages and towns, women and men, laypeople and priests, businessmen and workers, politicians, scientists, soldiers, farmers etc.